Birds Without Feathers

Challenge: Create a cohesive look for a film with a growing cache of artwork, fonts, and copy.

Background: Birds Without Feathers is an independent comedy. It won the “Independent Spirit” award at Slam Dance. It doesn’t boast any celebrity appeal, but what it lacks in star power, it more than makes up with its interesting blend of uncomfortable humor and artful production design. Wendy McColm, the film’s director and driving force provided a lot of input, throughout the previous iterations of artwork illustrative works kept showing up. It highlighted the Do-it-yourself ethos present in the film. So we started looking for an illustrator that could merge these ideas together.

Solution: Highlight the playful and visually interesting aspects of the film in all brand communication. Birds Without Feathers needed a cohesive look on banners across social media, print, and internet display advertisements. Harnessing the central theme of the film, we got to a concept of paper cut out figures. We hired an artist to create illustrations fitting the concept. After some deliberation, a color scheme and typography was finalized and I leveraged the finished material into ads across all needed mediums.



Birds Without Feathers