Instagram Experiments: Introduction

Why do Instagram experiments? There are so many things to try out on social media. One of the largest platforms online is Instagram. Instagram is going to stick around. I did not use Facebook because it pushes Page administrators to purchase ads. Although I think ads are an effective way to push growth, I think Instagram is a more interesting place to grow an audience.

The Experiment Parameters

This experiment will last one year. I’ll be taking information online and putting it to the test via instagram to create a community of film buffs on Instagram.


Instagram stopped stopped any growth within a week. This is a testimony to how well instagram roots out bot accounts.

Here’s the account from the day it was published:

second day of instagram experiment. Running a follow unfollow strategy of major accounts.
Screenshot taken at August 4th at 11 AM PST

Instagram Experiment #1

How many followers can you get by just following celebrities.

I was in the process of building an instagram bot, when I came across a comment suggesting you could grow a following by liking very popular accounts.

The theory is that if you wanted to pump your numbers, there are bots that follow you if you are following a celebrity. Obviously that isn’t valuable traffic. I want to know just how much traffic you can build up with that technique over the course of 7 days.

Approach: Between 11 am and 12 pm PST, I’ll be liking some of the most popular 20 social media accounts. If I can, I’ll skew towards movies.

Here is a list of very popular accounts:

I searched for actors and actresses, avoiding brands.

A list of the biggest Instagram accounts in 2020
List of popular instagram accounts by category.

I ran out of actors people with that list so I add film professionals from this list:

The list was kind of limited, so I had to add some more. Here’s what I came up with.

  1. @arianagrande
  2. @therock
  3. @selenagomez
  4. @jlo
  5. @mileycyrus
  6. @ddlovato
  7. @zendaya
  8. @emmawatson
  9. @deepikapadukone
  10. @kevinhart
  11. @vindiesel
  12. @justintimberlake
  13. @Lenadunham
  14. @Thatkevinsmith
  15. @Jonfavreau
  16. @Martinscorsese
  17. @Taikawaititi
  18. @willsmith
  19. @kimkardashian
  20. @kyliejenner

I’m going to follow and unfollow each of these people 2 times everyday. And I’ll post the results next Tuesday and move on to the next experiment. Stay tuned.


Instagram grew wise on this and stopped any growth within a week.

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