Strategic marketing for indie film, Soy Nero

Soy Nero’s director Rafi Pitts had stated in his film festival interviews that the film was dedicated to deported Green Card soldiers, highlighting a seldom discussed injustice. Green card soldiers are undocumented people who join the US Army in order to start the naturalization process. If this veteran, however, is arrested for any reason the person must be deported back to their original country of origin. In the case of many deported veterans, the US is the only true home they know. That is often the deported veterans do not know Spanish. They have no known relatives in their birthplace.

Given this compelling social issue, we sprang into action and created a series of interviews with actual deported veterans. I hired out a crew in Tijuana, gave them a basic skeleton of questions to ask a group of green card vets and we were off to the races.

I also talked to Daniel Lopez to coordinate the thing and connected him to the crew.

This was then disseminated to LatinX facebook groups and sent out to bloggers and journalists as well as advertised on Facebook and Google’s Display Network.

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