Strategic marketing for Documentary feature, Instant Dreams

Instant Dreams is a European documentary exploring the love for polaroid film through people from different walks of life after Polaroid had filed for bankruptcy and shuddered its doors. Once all the material was in and the research was compiled a clear community of instant photography enthusiasts came into view. Also, Polaroid’s brand name recognition allowed us access to photographers and artists.

Community and brand recognition became the core of Instant Dreams’s marketing strategy. In the end we were able to bring in two different influencer’s campaign. The first campaign brought in art photographers from around the world that often used instant photography in their work. The second campaign involved contemporary photographers being shipped a camera in order to shoot on it and posting the photos. All the photos were cross promoted between the artist and the documentaries social media pages. These interactions were supplemented with paid promotions of each of the photographer’s work and a website that housed all of the photos. Both sites were custom coded and built under a week which allowed us control over our digital marketing pixels and the flexibility to add developing pieces to the main movie page.

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