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The best plugins for WordPress portfolios for Architects

Do you come off poorly when you present your work to potential clients in person? Probably not. You probably dress up, put on your nice shoes, spend a little extra time on your hair and face and most importantly bring your portfolio with you. And if you’re looking to land a client cold, that portfolio […]

Websites for Architects: web design concepts for architects

Websites for architects and architectural firms have three main pieces: The portfolio page/pages The about page The Contact page All the architecture websites I’ve seen have at least those components. The home page is often just a slider with some very nice images of homes. It’s a bit of a shame because websites for architects […]

Strategic marketing for indie film, Soy Nero

Soy Nero’s director Rafi Pitts had stated in his film festival interviews that the film was dedicated to deported Green Card soldiers, highlighting a seldom discussed injustice. Green card soldiers are undocumented people who join the US Army in order to start the naturalization process. If this veteran, however, is arrested for any reason the […]

Strategic marketing for Documentary feature, Instant Dreams

Instant Dreams is a European documentary exploring the love for polaroid film through people from different walks of life after Polaroid had filed for bankruptcy and shuddered its doors. Once all the material was in and the research was compiled a clear community of instant photography enthusiasts came into view. Also, Polaroid’s brand name recognition […]