Web design for Birds Without Feathers

Birds Without Feathers won the George Stark’s Spirit of Slamdance Award in 2018. The film’s focus on mental health coupled with its hyper-stylized sets and cinematography landed it a distribution deal.

In order to get a limited theatrical release up and running a media kit and website were put together as the primary assets for B2B and B2C activities, respectively.

The production outfit for Birds Without Feathers had raised money through Kickstarter and along the way had produced a lot of marketing content. The distributor, intent on a limited theatrical release, looked for ways to boost its appeal. Among the changes was new artwork and typography.

This had to be reflected on the website. At the time, the Birds Without Feathers team did have a website. It was built on WIX. After collecting all previous creative and composing the press kit, I moved on to creating a site that could bridge the gap between what Synergetic micro-sites look like and the previous Birds Without Feathers website.

I cut a video background from the film that was reminiscent to the key art from the previous iteration on the homepage. I also added the same green to the website as the bottom-bar and side bar. I replaced the typography with the distributor’s choice and added assets from the key art into the website.

Birds Without Feathers Home Page Pre-theatrical Release

This site had Google and Facebook tracking skills and an email capture. It highlights the arthouse audience with a positive review and has a trailer as a call to action.

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